Making sure we have the right infrastructure, controls and processes in place is key to our success, and to  achieving the best results for you. 

Quality assured

Making sure we have the right infrastructure, controls and processes in place is key to our success, and to achieving the best results for you. It also means you can enjoy the confidence of working with a firm that continuously delivers the highest standards of service and client care.

By continually improving and developing our management systems based on our experiences and client feedback we can ensure we’re at the forefront of a rapidly evolving legal world.

Governance and data protection

We take a proactive approach to managing risk. At the apex of the organisation our Director of Risk and Compliance considers the risk environment across the whole business. Our Compliance and Risk Management Committee (CRMC), which includes Director of Risk and Compliance; the Finance and IT Directors; four Partners; and the firm’s Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO) review strategic and operational risk. The CRMC acts on behalf of the board in managing the identification of all strategic and operational risks; recommending any prioritisation of associated actions; and ensuring appropriate ownership and control of risks.

The CRMC and Director of Risk and Compliance together take responsibility for the firm’s statutory, regulatory and professional obligations. These include the Data Protection Act 1998 (including Notification to the Information Commissioner); recognised body renewal with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA); SRA Handbook (including the SRA Code of Conduct 2011); professional indemnity insurance renewal and copyright licensing.

IT capabilities

We believe sourcing and making the best use of the latest IT helps us provide our services more effectively. It also increases security and efficiency, and we will continue to invest in our support systems and client extranets to ensure they’re at the cutting edge.

For example, DWF has tripled in size over the last three years, and we’ve expanded our IT infrastructure and expertise accordingly. In doing so, we’ve made sure we meet our own expectations in terms of what we can offer, and yours in terms of data access, and up-to-date management information.

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